Discover benefits and hardships of nurse anesthetist schooling

Nurse anesthetist schooling is a graduate program of nursing which involves he giving of anesthesia in a hospital. It involves a lot of school and hours of training to become certified in this field. Being a certified registered nurse anesthetist or CRNA can be very lucrative when completed. This is a very specialized field of nursing and very few nurses have the time and patience to complete it. The pay can be well into the six figure income range.

There are various requirements before one can be a qualified nurse anesthetist. An applicant must have a bachelors of science in nursing, that means four years at an accredited college or university. One must have a current license as a registered nurse. One must graduate from a CRNA program that normally takes two to three years. So four years to complete a nursing degree and about three years in a graduate CRNA program that adds up to about seven years of just schooling. One must also pass a national test. Once one passes the test, certification is good all over the country. This is just the schooling part of it. A nurse must also complete around 2,500 clinical hours and complete about 850 applications of anesthesia. Also, one must recertify every two years and take 40 hours of continuing education.

How much does nurse anesthetist schooling cost? Well, this type of schooling ranges anywhere from $10,000 to $110,000, depending on the quality or region the school is located. The top rated CRNA programs would probably cost on the higher end of the price range. Cost will also depend on whether or not a student live in state or out of the state the school is located. Out of state tuition is usually more expensive. Other fees include miscellaneous and lab fees, books, and other materials. Room and board is also a big part of the cost of schooling. With all of these associated costs, this type of schooling can be quite costly.

How much does a nurse anesthetist make? They can earn from $100,000 to $150,000 to start. As one becomes more experienced, salary will go up. This occupation is a very skilled one. Lives depend on this type of profession. Anesthesia is vital before, during, and after all types of surgeries. One false move or a misdiagnosis and someone’s life could be in danger. So, it is essential that a lot of schooling and on the job training is required. Hence, salaries reflect the stress and importance of this job. Anesthetists are usually employed by hospitals, doctor’s offices, surgery centers, and anesthetist specialty groups.